Refit [verb]

Definition of Refit:

correct, improve, fix

Synonyms of Refit:

Opposite/Antonyms of Refit:

Sentence/Example of Refit:

The Kensington was dismasted, and had to return to refit, but we did not part a rope-yarn.

The next morning all hands set to work with a will to refit the schooner.

On the other side of the river was a big camp, where troops were sent to refit and rest.

Also, is overhauled, or examined, to determine the refit demanded.

The schooner had only left Guernsey, after a refit, the day before I was taken on board her.

Good wharves have been built, and ships of 700 tons can refit alongside them.

At last they were compelled to go into harbour, both to refit and to divide their booty.

We might have to put in to refit, and want spars, etc., from the naval yard.

In a fortnight, we anchored in Gibraltar Bay, and the ship was stripped to refit.

I should advise that we bear up, and run back to Table Bay to refit.