Redress [noun]

Definition of Redress:

help, compensation

Opposite/Antonyms of Redress:

Sentence/Example of Redress:

Longespe, complained to the King; but Louis could give him no redress.

With the clash of our spells, no charm can redress our fate.

But he came home every time; only when Death finally stole him, we had no redress.

If he had been wronged and injured, why could not he redress himself like other injured men?

His only redress is forthwith to draw a circle outside of his antagonist.

It sounded the knell of all hope of redress of their wrongs.

Redress was not granted, and his messenger never returned to him.

But now on reading the letter she felt that no redress was within her reach.

What, then, is the redress in case of his doing any mischief?

The world seemed to ring of him, and he had abandoned all means of redress.