Offsetting [verb]

Definition of Offsetting:

counterbalance, compensate

Synonyms of Offsetting:

Opposite/Antonyms of Offsetting:

Sentence/Example of Offsetting:

No care need be taken to prevent "offsetting" of the colour while printing.

The churning propellers, offsetting, turned her in her tracks.

Collective buying has also been a factor in offsetting the inroads of the "chains."

There is a little trick in offsetting pipe that one will have to practice to obtain.

There is no balance, no justice, no offsetting the indecent by that which is noble and good.

They may fall on persons who do not get the full measure of the offsetting gains.

And it is not improbable that there was an offsetting disadvantage.

His going over was welcomed as a great victory by the Secessionists, offsetting the capture of Camp Jackson.

As offsetting this, however, Coquenil secured information that connected Mrs. Wilmott directly with Martinez.

Injudiciously, Bellamy added a smile to the retort, by way of offsetting its justice.