Sew [verb]

Definition of Sew:

prepare fabric for clothing, covering

Synonyms of Sew:

Opposite/Antonyms of Sew:

Sentence/Example of Sew:

Here I must bide, and talk and sew and spin, and spin and sew and talk.

Stuff the body of the hare with this force-meat, and sew it up.

They could cook, sew, imitate birds, and read things in the stars.

However, Christine had not put out any work, she felt too much moved to sew.

Scald and flour a cloth, and sew, or tie, the pudding firmly in it.

Roll the veal round it, and sew it or tie it securely with twine.

Mrs. Grace taught me to sew, and Mrs. Penelope taught me to read.

He could make an omelette or sew on a button with woman's skill.

It is not necessary to sew up this incision in a long feathered specimen.

Sew in the little back triangle and hem all around the edges.