Seam [noun]

Definition of Seam:

line where two objects are connected

Synonyms of Seam:

Opposite/Antonyms of Seam:

Sentence/Example of Seam:

You'll open a seam in your head and founder, first thing you know.

The seam is twenty-six feet thick, and the coal is of good quality.

Then followed a long silence while the machine rattled down a seam.

"There's a seam of cryolite in the Eastern Hills, according to the old maps," said Lake.

Take your seam indoors to your chamber, and stir not from it till supper-time.

That I could scratch by rubbing it against the seam of my trousers.

This is marked as plainly as if a wall had been built up at the end of the seam.

Mrs. Fenelby took up her sewing, and began to stitch a seam.

I've forgotten to caulk that seam over your bunk, and it's going to rain.

Eighth row:—Knit eighth row of edging, seam 55 stitches, knit 1.