Gore [noun]

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The Justice Department didn’t respond to questions about the Civil Rights Division’s involvement in the meeting or Gore’s presentation at the 2019 event.

Ultimately, Gore and Bush both found themselves in difficult situations.

Only Gore’s office responded and sent a form for filing a complaint.

The most relevant and “instructive” example of what happens to markets when an election result is contested is the Bush-Gore presidential contest in 2000.

Gore conceded, and Bush secured the victory roughly six weeks after Election Day.

Jeff Trammell headed LGBTQ outreach for the Gore and Kerry presidential campaigns.

Elizabeth watching, saw them turn into the path that led a near way to the North Gore road.

Gore found that aluminium was dissolved and that sodium and potassium were attacked by the gas, even before its liquefaction.

He lashed her so long, and he lashed her so sore, That grovelling she lay in a stream of red gore.

His garments were red with blood, his hands dripped with gore.