Blood [noun]

Definition of Blood:

red body fluid

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Sentence/Example of Blood:

Paul, who rapidly gained 42 pounds of fluid and could hardly breathe at times, would receive overnight dialysis treatment several times a week so a machine could filter his blood to keep him alive.

Apple added the ability to measure blood oxygen levels, or SpO2.

Done right, the process can yield animal tissue that contains muscle, blood, and fat, just like you’d get from a farmed fish.

Apple on Tuesday announced the new Apple Watch Series 6, which can monitor blood oxygen levels from the user’s wrist, and the Watch SE, a cheaper version of the gadget.

“It sounds like you've got some good ideas, and we need new blood in there,” said Randi Williams, a 59-year-old lab technician.

Series 6 now comes with a blood oxygen meter, which depends on the infrared sensor in the health sensor.

The Series 6 is expected to extend Apple’s lead in the health and wellness sector by adding blood oxygen level sensing capability, also known as an SpO2 measurement.

On the right, we have some non-responders, and even some negative responders, whose blood pressure increased by more than ten mmHg.

This announcement coincided with the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic and mounting pressure for the FDA to change its policy towards LGBTQ blood donors.

Last year’s legislative session memorably ended with parts of the Capitol being evacuated after a protester threw menstrual blood on lawmakers.