Tuck [verb]

Definition of Tuck:

fold together

Synonyms of Tuck:

Opposite/Antonyms of Tuck:

Sentence/Example of Tuck:

Let it go and tuck in your handkerchief like the rest of us.

The skirt was long enough to tuck around her baby's feet when she carried it.

Why, Tuck, dost thou not know of my ill happening with my father's steward?

When I tuck him up, he grabbed me round the neck and dug his little face into mine.

You can tuck up the sleeves, and we will catch crayfishes again.

They saw him tuck her carefully in and then stoop and kiss her.

A bat does not perch, and tuck his head under his wing, and sleep like a bird.

What that kid needs is for her home folks to tuck her up in bed an' send her to sleep.

Tuck did not know that Pete Harding was not at present in charge of the sheep.

How could Tuck Reedy tell she was alone just by the light of the fire?