Enfold [verb]

Definition of Enfold:

embrace, hug

Synonyms of Enfold:

Opposite/Antonyms of Enfold:

Sentence/Example of Enfold:

Youth recognized youth, and that indefinite longing which is a part of youth seemed to enfold them for an instant.

If dullness seem to enfold us, be sure it is we that are dull; it is because our minds are lazy and our eyes unseeing.

Arms and heart ached to enfold the precious little sinner so grievously worsted in the battle with temptation.

If Europe would not strangle herself with her own hands she must strangle the sea serpent whose coils enfold her shores.

The bandages were still on his hands and arms, those hands which yearned to take her hands, those arms which ached to enfold her.

They do not so much enfold the known languages in their embrace as force them down into narrow, straight-backed seats.

Varuna and the demon Vitri both derive their names from var, vri, to cover, to enfold.

And he had found it ineffably sweet to enfold that warm mass of wan helplessness in his own virile strength.

More beautiful than starlight is the face of the lover when the Voice and the Vision enfold him.

His lips press and his arms enfold not her so much as the ideal of her, and unless she unmake herself, he cannot unlove her.