Surround [verb]

Definition of Surround:

enclose, encircle something

Synonyms of Surround:

Opposite/Antonyms of Surround:

Sentence/Example of Surround:

"Surround her with a bodyguard, if you like," said the General.

And as you can see, we surround ourselves with all means of enlightenment.

I shall place it in my room and surround it with fresh flowers.

It was Mrs. Vansittart's pleasant habit to surround herself with every comfort.

They must surround me, you observe, and therefore they are here.

Too many now that you can't save; in a little while the hate will surround you also.

When this appears among so many that surround it, the spirit prefers it to all others.

We must surround employment with assurance of just division of production.

We cannot stand still with the economic and social forces that surround us.

They saw some lions, and tried to surround them in a circle.