Rectify [verb]

Definition of Rectify:

correct a situation; make something right

Synonyms of Rectify:

Opposite/Antonyms of Rectify:

Sentence/Example of Rectify:

My conduct must then have a faulty appearance at least, and I will endeavour to rectify it.

Mistakes are hard to rectify after a fatal volley has been fired.

He discovered the mistake when it was too late to rectify it.

However, he saw his mistake in an instant and tried to rectify it.

Is there a confusion in the figure, he advances to rectify it with a chass rigadoon.

Then we must go to him with our titles, and he must rectify it to-morrow.

I'd have liked to get at the chimneys, but I'd have had to pull down every cottage in the place to rectify them.

If so, rectify the error by straightening it and then put it in place.

Annie blushed as she perceived his mistake, and hastened to rectify it.

To forbid, to prevent, to rectify any interplanetary or interstellar aggression.