Recast [adjective]

Definition of Recast:

done again

Synonyms of Recast:

Opposite/Antonyms of Recast:


Sentence/Example of Recast:

February 16 we recast it, and it proved to be of a proper degree of strength.

Our conception of the nature of the contest in which we are engaged must be recast.

Political economy, he thought, would have to be recast and humanised.

Francesco Berni, who recast the Orlando Innamorato, was born circ.

But they could not, for the very reasons that had induced me to recast it, and they declined it.

In 1805 Lewis recast it into a melodrama, which he called Rugantino.

She was puzzled, and determined to recast the interview a little when she related it to Rickie.

Her novel had been recast ever so many times, and still languished.

In 1716 it was recast, and presently placed in the western tower of St. Paul's.

Collado has recast into the colloquial a quote from the Shikimoku.