Convert [noun]

Definition of Convert:

new believer

Synonyms of Convert:

Opposite/Antonyms of Convert:


Sentence/Example of Convert:

It would not take two minutes to convert him from the inquisitor to the martyr at the stake.

As for poor Dolly, if he catches her and tries to convert her to his ideas, the child has nimble feet and can run.

Some of the colonists sincerely desired to acquaint and convert the Indians to Christianity.

The laudable aim of America to convert the Filipino into an American in action and sentiment will probably never be realized.

Had some dealings with Felix Phellion, whom he tried to convert to his religious belief.

From this place some commentators infer that this king became a true convert, and dying not long after, was probably saved.

An exceedingly few rays of the sun, concentrated by a burning mirror, will convert gold and platina into vapor.

Many Europeans inhabit half-ruinous buildings, which, at a small expense, they convert into pretty palaces.

Some said that he had gone thither to convert the Indians, and some that he had gone thither to rob the Spaniards.

He was never able either to persuade or to convert the Jews, who witnessed all the daily wonders that he performed.