Restock [verb]

Definition of Restock:

start over; refurbish

Opposite/Antonyms of Restock:

Sentence/Example of Restock:

Every emigrant train for California then expected to restock in Utah.

Mr. Cooke had given out that he had started for Saville to restock the larder.

What I said—to breed a soldier for the empire; to restock the land.

He's goin' to restock my place an' give me a chance to get on my feet.

He had no means to restock the farm left bare by the subsiding water.

Then this drouth came on, and the offerings at Dodge are unfit for any purpose, except to restock ranches.

For $20 anyone can restock any bit of woods with the most companionable and most beautiful tree-dweller that nature has given us.

It is possible to restock depleted areas, provided Time is recognized as a dominant factor.

The most important consideration is, of course, to leave enough seed trees to restock the cut-over area.

They took our herd and said to us: 'We shall carry you to the burg of our count to restock his domain with slaves and cattle.'