Decamp [verb]

Definition of Decamp:

depart suddenly

Synonyms of Decamp:

Opposite/Antonyms of Decamp:




Come in


Sentence/Example of Decamp:

Once a year growing up, my family would decamp to Lake Taupo for trout season.

Elizabeth decamped to Britain along with her companion and ward, Kitty, whom she adopted as a child.

By 2020, the paper’s prize-winning investigative reporter and some of its top editors had decamped to a new, nonprofit newsroom, Mountain State Spotlight.

Peter took precautions before and during his flights to Richmond, and if the in-person connection with Betty proved flimsy, he figured he could always decamp to his mother’s place.

Most decamped to more encrypted messaging apps after Parler, a social app popular with conservatives, went offline when Amazon pulled its hosting services.

Over the next five weeks, the group often decamped to a conference room that had one window looking out onto a brick wall.

A call to arms for the decamped gang of Yang if there ever was one — presidency or no.

Since the evening before, aides-decamp, leaving the governor's palace, galloped in every direction.

To "shoot the moon," as the English say, is to decamp from a house without paying the rent.

A pleasant sight it was, to behold the prelates occupied in hunting him, for he would not decamp!