Socialize [verb]

Definition of Socialize:

be friendly at gatherings

Synonyms of Socialize:

Opposite/Antonyms of Socialize:

Sentence/Example of Socialize:

To socialize and Christianize half the people of the world is the task of centuries.

Their chief end is to socialize and humanize individual men.

To make exchange possible and socialize to some degree the scale of prices we depend upon a public market or a stock exchange.

It seems to me we need to socialize, not industry, but the heart of Man to his brother.

To socialize her home, that is the high undertaking a woman has on her hands if she is to get at the heart of her Business.

Singing in the morning exercises does much to socialize the group and develop school spirit.

He probably has a large family of children, and they educate and socialize him and one another.

Do we want to socialize our railroads, our coal mines, our telegraphs and telephones?

It socializes production; this done, there remains nothing for him to do but socialize distribution, and all is accomplished.

As this class will not socialize or abolish itself, the rest of the people, Socialists predict, will undertake the task.