Fraternize [verb]

Definition of Fraternize:

associate with

Opposite/Antonyms of Fraternize:

Sentence/Example of Fraternize:

It was then voted, and with enthusiasm, that the Convention should go out and fraternize with the multitude.

Such a wonderful spirit among the militia; perhaps the soldiers will fraternize with the strikers.

I shall fraternize with most of them—I shall be one of them almost immediately.

Thurstan tried to protest and Jacob to fraternize, but all was useless.

Even the oppression of the masses has itself caused the oppressed to fraternize among themselves.

No rowdy boys in the alley with whom to fraternize over pies of communistic mud?

Experience has proven that you cannot fraternize with an enlisted man one minute and then punish him for misconduct the next.

Mrs. Craven took her in charge in a motherly fashion, but it seemed very hard for her to fraternize with the children.

The nations will fraternize, they will join hands, and will endeavor to extend the new conditions to all nations of the world.

The strong chain of sentinels was kept busy preventing these hosts from breaking through to fraternize with their guests.