Insulate [verb]

Definition of Insulate:

protect; close off

Synonyms of Insulate:

Opposite/Antonyms of Insulate:

Sentence/Example of Insulate:

By legally insulating online businesses, Section 230 has encouraged innovation and growth.

Among those standards is the ability to insulate a brand’s ad from appearing next to certain other types of advertisers’ ads, which is possible for traditional TV ads, but harder to do in streaming.

A main problem with current electrodes is that the brain will eventually activate non-neuronal cells to form an insulating sheath around the electrode, sealing it off from the neurons it needs to record from.

They also secured a change to how they’re funded so they would be insulated from financial damage as thousands of families sought alternatives in the form of charter and home school opportunities.

Insulated running bottles will never keep water as cold as vacuum-insulated metal bottles.

Clearly, a nation cannot insulate itself from the deleterious effects of the pandemic by closing its hearts and borders.

Insulate the winding from the core and the different layers from each other with a good quality of thin writing paper.

This was a matter of vital importance to him, and this man seemed able to insulate himself against either threat or suggestion.

No, Hollister reflected, he could not insulate himself and Doris against this environment, against these people.

It is the atheist alone who would insulate the kingdoms of the earth from the kingdom of heaven.