Fabricate [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Fabricate:

What’s more, the plaintiffs argue, Subway is “saving substantial sums of money in manufacturing the products because the fabricated ingredient they use in the place of tuna costs less money.”

The researchers fabricated and computer-simulated a lattice based on the sponge and compared it with three other lattice structures of the same weight, including the standard truss pattern.

To fabricate such a picture is the exact office of Imagination, and is its best definition.

Dr Johnson regarded the work as one “to which infidelity has never been able to fabricate a specious answer.”

Should this at any time happen, how easy would it be to fabricate pretenses of approaching danger!

Galusha was at that moment endeavoring to fabricate a story of his own, one which he might tell Miss Phipps.

Scott first began to fabricate occasional mottoes for his chapters during the composition of The Antiquary in 1816.

The lime-powdered monarch began to fabricate his own laws, direct the price of every article, which was punctually obeyed.

Must I amalgamate some more or less appropriate words of Greek and fabricate a portentous nomenclature?

The women appear to be industrious; they fabricate mats and earthen pots, and handle the hatchet well.