Perform [verb]

Definition of Perform:

carry out, accomplish

Opposite/Antonyms of Perform:

Sentence/Example of Perform:

It does not often fall to the lot of a boy to perform a deed so heroic.

Those Westerners perform quite in that manner, I assure you.

She had her duty to perform, and she expected to be taken care of till it was done.

If we would promise we must put ourselves in a position to perform our promise.

But thus it always is with persons who are destined to perform great things.

The task I had set myself to perform seemed only at its commencement yet.

I hope that I shall never be called upon to perform that promise.

His squadron was too small for the service which it had to perform.

How can I perform what I can sooner choose to die than to perform—!

Their duty is before them: in the fear of God, and not of man let them perform it.