Realize [verb]

Definition of Realize:

appreciate, become aware of

Synonyms of Realize:

Opposite/Antonyms of Realize:

Sentence/Example of Realize:

At the moment of parting he began to realize that he had undertaken a difficult task.

She might die, and if he ever returned it would be to realize the loss he had sustained.

Let us realize the importance of the attitude in which we stand before the world.

Evelyn sat silent, trying to realize just what had happened to her.

I realize it more and more every day, but I will stick it out till I break down.

You who knew her will realize the depth and extent of my bereavement.

Never mind, you can help them; and when you begin to realize that, you will forget your fears.

"You don't seem to realize the position you're in," the father insisted, despairingly.

As we go swiftly on we realize the appropriateness of the epithet ever applied to the Rhne.

She wanted to be alone, to realize what had happened to her.