React [verb]

Definition of React:

respond; conduct oneself

Synonyms of React:

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Sentence/Example of React:

Previously, this dog did not react when it saw people stoop down.

There is thus no domain of the mind which is not influenced by love, and which does not react on love in its turn.

At any rate he will then be less often deceived and will react in a more plastic manner.

But the children are well aware of this fact, consciously or not, and react accordingly.

"That's why you react so strongly from love in your plays," Roger said judicially.

As dynamic philosophers say, they act and react on each other.

But as yet this feeling had not begun in any way to react upon the army.

It is the moon's action on the earth which produces the tides, but they also react on the moon.

That they will react on the glands of a living creature and produce immortality.

Not only that, but his men expected him to react in just that manner.