Operate [verb]

Definition of Operate:

perform, function

Synonyms of Operate:

Opposite/Antonyms of Operate:

Sentence/Example of Operate:

No, my lad, I'm not going to operate on you instanter, but I do want my reflector.

The magnetic influence cannot be seen--is this a reason that it does not operate?

I could not operate the mechanism of invisibility of De Boer's X-flyer.

It is possible to operate the spindles at a remarkable speed.

Oh to be allowed to operate properly, as grown-up people do!

He strove to quiet himself, but his will-power refused to operate.

The drug began to operate, and its first effect was to loosen the old lady's tongue.

The time has come when beneficence, to be real, must operate scientifically, not emotionally.

All of these cells will operate efficiently, and there should be no cause for alarm.

The number of hours shows the length of time that the lamps will operate.