Determine [verb]

Definition of Determine:

conclude, decide

Synonyms of Determine:

Opposite/Antonyms of Determine:

Sentence/Example of Determine:

The NHL will also now be analyzing clusters of positive test samples with whole genomic sequencing to determine specific coronavirus strains.

The preps-to-pros movement was shut down in 2005, after the league determined that getting a Kobe Bryant or LeBron James a little earlier wasn’t worth sending scouts to high school gymnasiums.

After determining the spoon’s maker and pattern, she typed that information into the Google “shopping” tab for a second search.

The new charges could carry a maximum sentence of nearly 30 years, more if it’s determined Keller’s actions resulted in any injuries.

Trying to determine which bid will maximize your campaign goals without blowing through your budget can be a tough balancing act.

This, in turn, helps Google determine the relevance of your internal pages and rank them accordingly.

If teams play an uneven number of games, seeding for the conference tournament and determining a regular season champion would be more complicated than usual.

Federal safety investigators were meeting Tuesday to determine the likely reason a helicopter carrying Bryant plunged into a Los Angeles County hillside last year.

As fact-checkers have determined, it’s tricky to link the state’s stated policy directly to deaths.

He almost never lost — and when he did, the final seconds determined the outcome.