Induce [verb]

Definition of Induce:

cause to happen; encourage

Opposite/Antonyms of Induce:

Sentence/Example of Induce:

Experiments that attempt to induce acclimatization by exposing people to cold repeatedly have produced mixed and mostly negative results.

After struggling to get into game shape through early January, he was one of six players in the league’s coronavirus protocols during the Wizards’ two-week, virus-induced pause.

Bitcoin has skyrocketed almost 800% from a low in March 2020, when financial markets plunged amid concerns about a global pandemic-induced recession.

If only Bezos had tried to induce yawns as an employer, too.

If only Bezos had tried to induce yawns not just as an inventor but also as an employer.

One way to combat the growing Covid-induced malaise is to invest in employee volunteer programs.

In April I wrote about how quarantine-induced worries linked to food and exercise can backfire, and why a more relaxed approach to food leads to better health.

The advantage mRNA vaccines have isn’t necessarily that they’re better at inducing immunity, says Bernard Verrier, the director of the Laboratory of Tissue Biology and Therapeutic Engineering at CNRS-Université de Lyon, it’s that they’re fast.

Previously privately held companies like Airbnb, Affirm, and others have seen their fortunes soar on the back of prices that public investors are willing to pay, perhaps inducing more IPO filings than the market might have otherwise seen.

Antibodies, for instance, including those induced by vaccines, hit many different parts of viral proteins, making it harder for the virus to escape.