Goose [noun]

Definition of Goose:

ambition, inspiration

Opposite/Antonyms of Goose:

Sentence/Example of Goose:

It’s common to see dozens upon dozens of geese nesting on the side of parkways on Long Island.

Fact is, their goose was cooked by going for 2 at the end of the third quarter to turn down 5 into down 3.

Every year, millions of bar-headed geese migrate over the Himalayas and have been doing so for millions of years.

To hear the creature talk about it makes my mouth as a brick kiln and my flesh as that of a goose.

The Kutchin make pretty pipe-stems out of goose-quills wound about with porcupine-quills.

The universal desire was for mamma to see him, and when the time came, she owned that papa's swan had not turned out a goose.

The declination axis is short, and is supported by a massive goose-neck bolted to the upper end of the polar axis.

Of waking dog, nor gaggling goose more waker then the hound.'

For a pen she would catch a goose, pluck a quill, and ask Billy to cut it.

Besides the oath of Socrates, “by the dog,” he is reported to have sworn variously by the goose and by the plane-tree.