Incitement [noun]

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Though a much bigger undertaking, in this case, it is likely that such a process will be used to deal with issues of veracity, libel, incitement to violence, and so on.

We have to go after the people doing the incitement, the people who are very serious about doing these attacks, with the same intensity that we did with Al Qaeda.

This was an incitement of an insurrection that led to the deaths of people and threatened the lives of members of Congress.

Parler—the rightwing social media platform that sought to carve out a niche for itself by refusing to moderate conspiracy theories, hate speech, and incitements to violence—is searching for a new home.

All the tech giants cited the site’s incitements to violence and lack of content moderation.

Parler’s traffic rose rapidly last year after Twitter and Facebook started more aggressively labeling and removing posts because of misinformation, discrimination, and incitement to violence.

One of the central incitements had been the practice in the Royal Navy of “impressing” American sailors, many of them wrongly accused of being wayward British subjects, into service on British warships.

I suppose that to most men such a warning would be a direct incitement to make the attempt.

A score of causes might have caused this but Carson believed the incitement in that instance was the one most dreaded.

The look cityward is not always caused by the incitement of an uneasy, a commercial, or an ignoble impulse.