Provocation [noun]

Definition of Provocation:

incitement, stimulus

Synonyms of Provocation:

Opposite/Antonyms of Provocation:

Sentence/Example of Provocation:

How in the name of wonder will I hinder her to give me provocation?

I thought my devotion in spite of every provocation might burn away your bitterness.

They were patient and long-suffering under difficulties and provocation.

To ears tingling with prophetic apprehension the provocation was intense.

When I think of the provocation, I do not blame you––so much!

Such a provocation as he gave me could have but one expiation.

I defy him to assert that the provocation came not from his side.

I say he shall have my provocation, and that within an hour!

He had doubtless cut the cable, as Ump had said, but his provocation had been great.

The cases investigated showed that they had been moved by provocation.