Motivation [noun]

Definition of Motivation:

ambition, inspiration

Opposite/Antonyms of Motivation:

Sentence/Example of Motivation:

The second evil in this external presentation is lack of motivation.

It is only a matter of motivation on the part of the subject.

Nevertheless he was the basis, the motivation second only to mine.

The breeze was the ultimate archfiend and there can be no question as to its motivation.

The law of motivation is, like all causality, merely the form of the phenomenon.

What can act as a source for their motivation, for the strength they have lost?

If he were caught on Coryus or returned to it, his motivation could be read from his mind.

In fact, you can say that an action is a reconciliation of the duality of his motivation.

A strain of mistrust is mingled with the motivation of the taboo rules for the king.

Part of his motivation had been provided by the oil-beetle larvae.