Impede [verb]

Definition of Impede:

obstruct, hinder

Synonyms of Impede:

Opposite/Antonyms of Impede:

Sentence/Example of Impede:

And, racial gaps also impeded access to testing and affected quality of care.

We have provided them thousands of pages of documents already and are not in any way impeding who they speak with.

Many persons impede their execution by not keeping the thumb independent enough of the rest of the hand.

This mob of men and boys were good-natured, but very curious, and it gathered so close as to impede the progress of the ponies.

Hence the furrows are not ploughed close together, for the roots when crowded impede the sprouting of the plant.

All along the journey little absolutely unnecessary villages kept bobbing up to impede the progress of the train.

But you could do no good with so few men—they are more than ten to one, I hear—and your men would but impede us.

The French, on their part, sought by attacks and raids to impede the preparations for the coming assault.

The horses, urged on by the iemschik, seemed to fly over the ground, for there was not the slightest obstacle to impede them.

He flung away his rifle, that it might not impede his flight, and concentrated all his energies into the one effort of running.