Thwart [verb]

Definition of Thwart:

stop, hinder

Synonyms of Thwart:

Opposite/Antonyms of Thwart:

Sentence/Example of Thwart:

If it please you to take a leap into nothing it were pity to thwart you.

To do what the superior power requires of him, he must thwart his inclinations.

The vigilance of Sam had detected him, in time to thwart his purpose.

He wa'n't on the thwart, but down in a heap on the cockpit floor.

He scrambled to the thwart, pushed her aside and seized the oars.

He set on the thwart and bragged about what he'd do when he got back to "Petey" again.

I can: she's come to thwart us; she's betrayed us—got hold of mother's plans.

Here there are none to interrupt us, none to thwart my sovereign will.

But neither should he have Ruth if she could thwart his purpose.

At last: "Have I given you reason enough," he asked, "why you should not seek to thwart me?"