Dam [noun]

Definition of Dam:

embankment, wall

Synonyms of Dam:

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Sentence/Example of Dam:

If someone clicks on a search at 3 AM, Google will find the electricity to power that query from a battery, wind turbine, solar panel, hydroelectric dam, or some other carbon-free technology at that precise moment.

Already, droughts regularly threaten food crops across the West, while destructive floods inundate towns and fields from the Dakotas to Maryland, collapsing dams in Michigan and raising the shorelines of the Great Lakes.

McKay was drawn to this region because of an impending dam project, but rather than focus on conservation alone, he explores a person’s spiritual connection to a resource.

As dams form ponds, more liquid water can come in contact with ice in the ground.

In fact, the dam has helped to shift longstanding power relationships and could pave the way for more cooperation among all the countries that depend on the Nile.

There is no doubt that the dam has become a source of serious tension among Egypt, Ethiopia and Sudan.

They heard how in the early spring in the meadow by the mill-dam Tim and I had stopped our ploughs to draw lots and he had lost.

For that matter, he said, he didn't care a tinker's dam if we were; he had grub and bedding and we were welcome to both.

The great Dam at Assouan was just completed and we traversed its entire length on a trolley propelled by natives.

The dam was completed, booms and cribbing placed, ledges blasted out well within the six months' period set for those operations.