Millpond [noun]

Definition of Millpond:

inland body of water

Synonyms of Millpond:

Opposite/Antonyms of Millpond:


Sentence/Example of Millpond:

It was beautiful weather, and the sea as smooth as a millpond.

Now he reaches the bridge that crosses the millpond, pauses for breath, then proceeds on.

At the upper end of the coombe the spring issued, and at the lower was the millpond.

Two of them, then three, four, as they came out on the bank of a millpond.

The lake was calm as a millpond and there was no reason for strenuous rowing.

The waters through which we were passing were smooth as any millpond.

And yet hes seasick when the water is as calm as a millpond.

Beside it, reflecting the golden glory of autumn trees, was the millpond.

And is the strait longas long as to the end of the millpond?

Just over that crest of foam there lay a narrow bay, still as a millpond.