Pond [noun]

Definition of Pond:

small body of water

Synonyms of Pond:

Opposite/Antonyms of Pond:


Sentence/Example of Pond:

I believe if I fell into a pond you'd say I had a way of coming up dry.

But it is Thanksgivin' mornin', an' we're goin' skatin' down on the pond.

Umpachee is an old beaver that sits in his own house, and swims in his own pond.

It was only two days since his long talk with himself at the pond.

"Come over by the pond," he said, in what was almost a command.

You will not have to walk far, as I have my coach near the pond, behind Tilly's dragoons.

The pond was a small ocean; the Atlantic, a large Walden Pond.

Mr. Bishop proposed to stock his pond with the best spawn he could procure.

May you never quit that pond in all your lives, neither you nor your children!

The boy was to take his books to the pond where Loraine had caught her fish.