Lagoon [noun]

Definition of Lagoon:

shallow body of water

Synonyms of Lagoon:

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Sentence/Example of Lagoon:

Extreme storms can disable wastewater treatment plants or cause power failures at sewage-holding lagoons.

The seagrass in these inshore lagoons had been wiped out by disease and a hurricane in the early 1930s, but the water was still clear enough to transmit the sunlight plants require.

He called out something about his fish, and soon after passed out of sight into the lagoon.

"It's across the lagoon," Dr. Silence cried, but this time in full tones that paid no tribute to caution.

And an answering cry sounded across the lagoon—thin, wailing, piteous.

She looked long away from me across the lagoon and at last sighed, like one who has drunk deeply, and turned to me.

Making our way in the direction pointed out, we saw before us a creek falling into the lagoon.

A breeze unexpectedly getting up, the skipper called us on board, and we continued our course down the lagoon.

When I had in some measure got over the disappointment about the boat, I took to sailing her about in the lagoon.

So there my darling boat lay idly in the lagoon—a useless thing, whose sight filled me with heartache and despair.