Shoal [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Shoal:

Shoal water, deep water, it seemed all the same to our fortunes.

She waded forward to where the shoal ended and the deeper part began.

I'd ruther have 'em high-water than shoal in the middle of the channel.

I pushed with all my might and, slowly and jerkily, the dingy slid off the shoal.

We were being driven by the wind away from the shoal, but not fast enough.

If I had an oar or somethin' to steer this clipper with, maybe we could git into shoal water.

Juddy, there's a shoal of mullet in the bay, and I think they're foul of your screws.

The proximity of shoal water was now quite apparent on the vessel.

The last was taken a hundred miles to the eastward of George's Shoal.

A roach snapped idly at him as he floundered past the shoal.