Bank [noun]

Definition of Bank:

financial institution

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Sentence/Example of Bank:

Because they could not obtain bank financing, the company’s founders believed their only option was borrowing from hard-money lenders at exorbitant rates.

The Fed prefers a little inflation because that gives the central bank more room to cut or raise short-term interest rates.

The actual total is probably higher because many banks eliminate staff without disclosing their plans.

Fraser, of course, will become the first woman chief executive of a big Wall Street bank in February.

Russak-Aminoach’s decision to join Team8 is a stark departure from her prior role leading a legacy bank that dates back to 1902.

This is problematic for the country at large because restaurants are like banks.

The central bank is currently adding about $80 billion of Treasuries a month.

The message received by investors was that the central bank was essentially guaranteeing bond prices wouldn’t fall too far.

Until now, no woman has ever run a major Wall Street bank—despite the ascendance of many qualified executives more than a decade ago, as Fortune’s Claire Zillman reported last year.

The Scandinavian-style property sits on the bank of the Erfalik River, one of the world’s best Arctic char fisheries.