Coffer [noun]

Definition of Coffer:

large box

Synonyms of Coffer:

Opposite/Antonyms of Coffer:


Sentence/Example of Coffer:

Since the 1940s, advertisers have filled TV networks’ coffers in exchange for the opportunity to put their messages in front of huge audiences of potential consumers.

Kentucky, Montana, Vermont, and West Virginia have announced they’ll throw in an additional $100 per week from their own coffers, raising the enhanced benefit to $400 per week.

That’s not money that goes to our coffers, nor is it money that goes to our profits.

It’s up to the City Council to make policy changes that allow money to flow easily from city coffers to communities of concern.

Hutch is an old word for chest or coffer, chiefly used now in the compound ‘rabbit-hutch.’

Then King Loc ordered another coffer to be opened, in which were only pearls.

When at last his rage subsided, he clasped his hands together and bent over the coffer once more.

With a hollow groan he fell forward over the coffer, striking his head upon the floor.

He took out the coffer and opened it; from it there fell out an apple, which rolled towards the couch.

The king became very sad, but at last remembered the coffer his father had given him.