Shallow [adjective]

Definition of Shallow:

not deep

Synonyms of Shallow:

Opposite/Antonyms of Shallow:

Sentence/Example of Shallow:

These he drove firmly into the soft bottom of a shallow lake.

He was in a shallow basin which luckily pointed in the right direction for him.

The shallow water of the lagoon ran into gold-tipped ripples.

In every shallow ravine were groves of tree ferns forty feet tall.

Below this opening was a shallow basin into which the rainwater fell.

They were blue eyes, blue and shallow as a doll's, and edged with long, fine lashes.

As such, therefore, they can be read and used to any depth, shallow or profound.

I have even at a pinch clubbed them to death in a shallow, land-locked pool.

Repent, and we will laugh at your penitence as a shallow deception.

Perhaps I have pictured some few of them as frivolous and shallow.