Inconsiderable [adjective]

Definition of Inconsiderable:


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Sentence/Example of Inconsiderable:

But this is quite enough to justify the inconsiderable expense which the experiment I urge would involve.

There were as many blacks and mulattoes among the students as whites, but the number of them altogether was inconsiderable.

The dictator Tubertus Posthumus gained a victory over the qui and Volsci, inconsiderable but noxious enemies of the commonwealth.

One inconsiderable temple, with four corner towers, was in several places covered with very fine cement.

Physically, the development of man has been inconsiderable‚ÄĒmuch less apparently than that of many other animals.

There were some captures of cotton going out, and others of supplies going in, but the losses were for a long time inconsiderable.

It was so that Jane saw him, once, when his persistent gaze drew hers for an inconsiderable moment.

It would be in vain to seek for any object more intrinsically inconsiderable with which to liken a condition of indifference.

The number of public slaves while considerable in itself was inconsiderable as compared with that of those in private service.

Even in the Mosaic ritual, sacrifices by the priests formed no inconsiderable part of worship.