Inessential [adjective]

Definition of Inessential:


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Sentence/Example of Inessential:

It is inessential here to recount the details of these movements.

The critics of the preceding generations wasted their energies upon inessential details.

To remove externals from us, to rid our minds of the illusive and the inessential, is simply to clear us for action.

We may ignore such inessential accretions, and confine ourselves to the beliefs which all mystics share.

The secret of my strength is my ability to reject every element that is harmful or inessential to the completion of my self.

There is no superficial criticism, neither does he concern himself with the inessential details of the theories.

It was not for Louie to spoil the sport by pointing out the inessential omission.

In everything he sought for the essential form, the form that contains all the other inessential forms.

Inessential, in-es-sen′shal, adj. not essential or necessary: immaterial.

You've been a good father in every inessential way, but no father at all in all that goes to make us men.