Profuse [adjective]

Definition of Profuse:

abundant, excessive

Opposite/Antonyms of Profuse:

Sentence/Example of Profuse:

"Why, mother, you are profuse in unhappy apothegms this morning," said Joe.

Pluto was profuse in his thanks, while Monroe hunted for a match with which to view the picture.

Here she was acknowledging everything with most profuse confession.

Though it was 43 degrees below zero, I was in a profuse perspiration.

The trainer was in profuse perspiration, though it was 38 degrees below zero.

He did not believe in strong purgatives, nor in profuse and sudden blood-lettings.

He was too profuse indeed with his facts: he had not the art of condensation.

It may be imagined how happy I was and how profuse in the expression of my gratitude.

Hence, he was everywhere greeted with a genial and profuse hospitality.

Mary turned, and overwhelmed the astonished Arthur with her profuse thanks.