Lush [adjective]

Definition of Lush:

profuse and delightful

Synonyms of Lush:

Opposite/Antonyms of Lush:

Sentence/Example of Lush:

Though the dream is to land somewhere like the Hills, with its lush green lawns and indecent wealthiness, cramped apartments or weird houses with hot-pink dining rooms in the Valley will do for now.

In the midafternoon slog of spreadsheets and deadlines, we tend to conjure up more pleasant scenes, like lush beaches with generously poured margaritas.

The rendezvous was a beautiful piece of land with lush grasses, a small stream, and a forested foothill in the background.

Every minute of it is crowded with beauty, from the stunning visuals to the beautiful, lush score by Alan Menken and Stephen Schwartz.

The material flows really well and has the lush properties of high-end fabric.

He seemed to recall a state of lush, sybaritic softness, in pre-silicate times.

Down through the lush vegetation, the cylinder felt its way, dropping very slowly.

They would sit down in the lush grass of a shady green lane, close to a pool where the bull-frogs croaked.

The grass grows lush in the meadows and tangles in the hills that almost surround it.

Several times I saw him coming up whistling softly with a lush air of subdued and happy reminiscence.