Unstinting [adjective]

Definition of Unstinting:


Opposite/Antonyms of Unstinting:

Sentence/Example of Unstinting:

Creasy and many other historians are unstinting in praise of Mahmoud.

His generosity and kindliness toward his fellow-men was unstinting, but he was withal full to the brim of eccentricity.

Those who brought the richest gifts considered them a poor return for her own unstinting helpfulness.

The Nation owes them its unstinting support while the battle continues--and its enduring gratitude when their service is done.

Mr. Kitchell grumbled at first, but when he learned my mission he, too, was jubilant and unstinting in his praise.

The grounds behind were unstinting, and reached half a mile back to the mountain abutting it.

He was the special patron of the priests, who, in return, were unstinting in their insistence upon his divinity.

He threw about his largesses with an unstinting hand, and everything went smoothly with him.

His face would light up all over, and he would be unstinting in his praise.