Hospitable [adjective]

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That’s because people who are overweight or obese have more body fat — which is more hospitable than other tissue to the coronavirus — and they suffer from reduced lung capacity.

We also pointed out that many types of microbes are extremely hardy and can readily survive the vacuum of space by going dormant until they are in a hospitable environment.

Part of the surge was expected, as colder weather pushed people indoors into environments more hospitable to spreading the virus.

Initially we were doing takeout and delivery that was extremely no contact and figuring ways to make the experience personal and hospitable within the framework.

Meaning, you create a hospitable environment, then pass the functioning within that environment to her.

He was a very tall man, and he had a very tall and hospitable daughter, nearly as big as himself, who received us very cordially.

Gwynne looked more than hospitable as he ran down the veranda steps to assist his guests out of the high buggy.

We spent a very happy day at the hospitable country house of Mr. Wardrope, and our cavalcade to the town at night was delightful.

Val played the hospitable host; but there was a shadow on his face that his wife did not fail to see.

The rulers of his country have always been hospitable and favourably inclined towards my family.