Courteous [adjective]

Definition of Courteous:

gentle, mannerly

Synonyms of Courteous:

Opposite/Antonyms of Courteous:

Sentence/Example of Courteous:

Mr. Pontellier had been a rather courteous husband so long as he met a certain tacit submissiveness in his wife.

It was from the biggest face that the voice had come, and Dorothy responded with a courteous "Good-morning!"

Easily accessible to all, courteous and reasonable ever, he was in many respects a model railway manager.

I was enraptured—the communication was made in the most courteous manner to the marquis.

Singularly courteous and obliging on all occasions, I, personally, have been much indebted to him for help and advice.

More than once that day was the good housewife tempted to send the three visiting Babcocks home, but was too courteous to do so.

A courteous manner, and graceful offer of service are valued highly when offered, and the giver loses nothing by her civility.

Any slight attention, or an apology made for crushing or incommoding you, is best acknowledged by a courteous bow, in silence.

His manner was easy and polished and courteous now, but that it could be very different Jessie knew to her cost.

Our efforts proved successful and a neat, courteous young woman showed us over the rambling house.