Ceremonious [adjective]

Definition of Ceremonious:

ritual, formal

Synonyms of Ceremonious:

Opposite/Antonyms of Ceremonious:

Sentence/Example of Ceremonious:

Levee: a ceremonious visit received by a distinguished person in the morning.

Never, in paying a ceremonious call, stay more than twenty minutes, or less than ten.

Lady Hartledon was not to be thwarted on all points, and she insisted on a ceremonious christening.

The form is proper upon such occasions, but should be used only in the most ceremonious correspondence.

The cards made way for the supper, a meal almost as ceremonious, and quite as constant, as the dinner.

He obeyed, and the whole thing looked mighty formal and ceremonious from the breakfast-room.

Jean wiped his mouth, received the caress and made a ceremonious bow to show that he was duly grateful for the honor.

They rejected with contempt the ceremonious homage which other sects substituted for the pure worship of the soul.

In his gait he was dignified, in his manners ceremonious, and in his speech excessively polite.

"Good morning," said Olcott, mechanically putting a ceremonious and formal emphasis into the words and getting on his feet.