Relaxed [adjective]

Definition of Relaxed:


Opposite/Antonyms of Relaxed:

Sentence/Example of Relaxed:

Garson relaxed his immobility, and a little color crept into his cheeks.

After a few moments' silence, it had relaxed into its usual weak condition.

"Don't worry: I'm going to tell you," she said, her grimness not relaxed.

His muscles tensed suddenly for a quick spring, then relaxed.

Suddenly I relaxed my hold, for I was afraid of hurting her now.

He was glad of this, for their vigilance had relaxed, and he did not want it renewed.

When he said 'or you,' Mrs Varden, despite herself, relaxed into a smile.

When we next paused to listen, the hoof-beats were not audible, and we relaxed our pace.

The moment he obeys the rein and drops into a walk, the hand is to be relaxed.

This could not be relaxed, for he was full of the most apish tricks.