Violent [adjective]

Definition of Violent:


Opposite/Antonyms of Violent:

Sentence/Example of Violent:

Many replies were made to Mr. Gladstone's pamphlet that were violent and abusive.

You are your mother's girl, think what you will; and have violent spirits to contend with.

What saved the two of them was the violent temper of the man.

But, what roused him in violent resentment only appealed to Sidney's curiosity.

He was as wicked as most of the race, fierce, violent, and voluptuous.

It was at this time that Richard again showed his violent nature.

I was busy in helping to unreeve the stay, when I was seized with sudden and violent cramps.

But he did not show the violent grief that might have been expected.

The fire in front had increased somewhat, although at no time was it violent.

Betty was in the most violent agitation at this disappointment.