Bloodthirsty [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Bloodthirsty:

Maximian, a Pannonian peasant, betrayed the savageness of his nature by his bloodthirsty cruelty.

It was some little time before Clarence Tinling gave any opinion upon this bloodthirsty document.

I always thought,” the latter said, “that pumas were such bloodthirsty animals.

Sheppy has a standing feud with a neighbour's dog that is amusing rather than bloodthirsty.

In Scotland the hag of the south-west wind is similarly a bloodthirsty and fearsome demon.

The vengeance which seeks to take life is a cruel bloodthirsty passion which no wrong can excuse, no suffering justify.

Here were poor innocent working men, and here was this bloodthirsty swash-buckler inciting their own brothers to slay them.

He knew there was a good deal to be said for either cause; furthermore, he was not then bloodthirsty.

"I wish he was in it now," a bloodthirsty tripper muttered darkly in my ear.

Somewhere in the timber of the bridge a bloodthirsty little frog cried sharply.